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Step 2: Personalised English Resume/CV Preperation

As soon as you receive your Overseas Student Visa your InfoJobs Coordinator will prepare the next stage of your journey:

Why is a professional resume important to work in Australia?

In Australia, the most critical career document you will need is a professionally written and presented Resume.

Australian employers use this document to decide whom they want to interview; and it’s at this stage when most International candidates will be unsuccessful. They fail because the job application is poorly written, poorly presented, and lacks all the elements of a winning pitch.

As part of our service, all InfoJobs Australia candidates are provided a Personalised English Resume.

What is involved in developing a Personalised English Resume/CV

Your InfoJobs Australia Coordinator will prepare and coordinate your Personalised English Resume, which is more than just an English translation of your current resume or CV.

We ensure it has all the necessary information and right presentation to maximise your chances for a job interview.

  • A translator will translate your current Resume,
  • Our team of copywriters will write and edit your resume and provide you with a winning cover letter template for you to customise to each job.
  • Our Human Resource team will structure your resume to a professional standard and ensure it carries all the important job criteria needed to apply for an Australian job.
  • And when combined with your Job Search Strategy, you will have a winning approach.

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